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Friday Khateeb

1st. Friday 05-05-2017
1:10 PM Hafiz Saeed Shareef
2 :10 PM Ahmad Rehab

2nd .Friday 05-12-2017
1:10 PM Imam Abdullah Jabir
2:10 PM Dr. Kaiseruddin

3rd Friday 05-19-2017
1:10 PM Hafiz Kamran Riaz
2:10 PM Mufti Azeem

4th Friday 05-26-2017
1:10 PM Imam Ousmane Drame
2:10 PM Syed S. Khan

Who are We?

The Downtown Islamic Center was established in 1976 to provide a space for Muslims in the loop area to attend Friday prayers. As our community has grown and established roots in the downtown area, so have we. Our Masjid and community center offers our patrons educational classes, programs for children ranging from toddlers on up, and daily prayers. During Friday prayers we have over 500 patrons attend services. Our mission is to efficiently serve not only our Muslim community but the downtown community at large. We have built strong interfaith relationships with other religious institutions in the area as well as launched programs and volunteer efforts with the refugee community. Our cornerstone is built on education and community service. May Allah swt bless our efforts and lead us on the right path.